Top Tips for settling into University.  

  1. Contact with Disability Services ([email protected])- it is really helpful to have a conversation about support for your learning, meet the team and check that you have some key contact details.
  2. Transitioning to university is a big challenge. To help with the transition we would encourage incoming students to join the social media page of the University and specifically for their halls or residence. This gives you a start on the social side of the university. It helps you to get to know some of the activities (please remember you don’t have to do everything, just pick one or two things!) and also introduces you to other students.
  3. Learn to cook some basic meals (if you are not staying in catered accommodation). Pick a couple of meals that you enjoy, and maybe get to know a couple of recipes that you find quick and easy to make. Things that don’t take as long to prepare will be helpful for you to cook when you are feeling pressed for time. Remember to set aside enough time to eat each day.
  4. Plan your time- either use a diary app on your phone, tablet or laptop, a paper wall planner, a paper diary/calendar. Whatever will help you to remember where you need to be and when.
  5. Give yourself time to rest. The first few weeks at university can feel very intense and you will be given a lot of information to process. Spending a bit of time in a peaceful, quiet space will help. You might like to visit the St Andrews Botanic Garden- see: About – St Andrews Botanic Garden